Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer
Image Processors

The list of available image processors:

# Name Description
1 Alpha Adjusts the alpha transparency of images.
2 AnimationProcessMode

Defines whether gif images are processed to preserve animation or processed keeping the first frame only.

3 AutoRotate

Performs auto-rotation to ensure that EXIF defined rotation is reflected in the final image.

4 BackgroundColor Changes the background color of the current image.
5 Brightness Adjusts the brightness of images.
6 Contrast Adjusts the contrast of images.
7 Crop Crops the current image to the given location and size.
8 DetectEdges Detects the edges in the current image.
9 EntropyCrop Crops an image to the area of greatest entropy.
10 Filter Applies a filter to the current image.
11 Flip Flips the current image either horizontally, vertically, or both.
12 Format Sets the output format of the current image.
13 GaussianBlur Uses a Gaussian kernel to blur the current image.
14 GaussianSharpen Uses a Gaussian kernel to sharpen the current image.
15 Halftone The halftone processor applies a classical CMYK halftone to the given image.
16 Hue Alters the hue of the current image changing the overall color.
17 Mask Applies the given image mask to the current image.
18 Meta Toggles preservation of EXIF defined meta data within the image.
19 Overlay Adds a image overlay to the current image.
20 PageExtractor

To extract required pages from multi page TIFF images.

21 Pixelate

Pixelate an image with the given size.

22 Quality Alters the output quality of the current image.
23 ReplaceColor

Replaces a color within the current image.

24 Resize Resizes the current image to the given dimensions.
25 RotateBounded

Rotates the current image by the given angle without expanding the canvas.

26 Rotate

Rotates the current image by the given angle without clipping.

27 RoundedCorners Adds rounded corners to the current image.
28 Saturation

Changes the saturation of the current image.

29 Tint

Tints the current image with the given color.

30 Vignette

Adds a vignette image effect to the current image.

31 Watermark

Adds a text based watermark to the current image.

32 BarcodeOverlay

This processor adds a Barcode overlay to the current image.

33 AdjustGamma

This processor adjusts the Gamma correction value of an Image.

34 CameraViewEffect

This processor simulates a camera view of an Image.

35 DecorativeBorderEffect This processor adds decorative border to an Image.
36 DistortCornersEffect

This processor distorts an Image by changing the coordinates of the four corners defined by the image's boundaries.

37 DropShadowEffect

This processor adds drop shadows to an Image.

38 EmbossEffect This processor embosses an Image.
39 FadeEffect This processor performs fading effect on an Image.
40 FeatherEffect This processor performs feathering effect on an Image.
41 FilmstripEffect This processor creates a Filmstrip representation of an Image.
42 FocalGrayscaleEffect This processor creates grayscale image with a colored focal point represented by a shape.
43 FocalPixelateEffect This processor creates pixelated image with a non-pixelated focal point represented by a shape.
44 FocalSoftenEffect This processor creates soften image with a focal point represented by a shape.
45 FocalTintEffect This processor creates tinted look of an image with a focal point represented by a shape.
46 GlassTableEffect

This processor creates a glass table effect (a.k.a. Reflection effect) on an Image.

47 GlowEffect This processor adds glow effect to an Image.
48 HSL

This processor adjusts the shade of a color, its hue; the intensity of a color, its saturation; or the lightness of a color of an Image.

49 MailStampEffect

This processor creates a mail stamp representation of an Image.

50 MuseumMatteFrameEffect This processor adds shadowed matte frame to an Image.
51 PerspectiveReflectionEffect This processor adds perspective reflection to an Image.
52 PerspectiveShadowEffect

This processor adds perspective shadows to an Image.

53 PerspectiveViewEffect

This processor simulates a perspective view of an Image.

54 RemovePixel

This processor removes pixels from an Image and automatically resizes it.

55 Scale

This processor enlarges or reduces the size of an Image based on percentage values.

56 SilhouetteEffect This processor creates a Silhouette of an Image.
57 Skew This processor transforms an Image by slanting it along the horizontal or vertical axis.
58 SolarizeEffect

This processor solarizes an Image.

59 Stretch

This processor stretches an Image to fit a given size.