Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer



Devesprit.ImageServer is a HTTP Module designed for IIS, .NET Framework 4.5 and its later versions. This system enables you to add On-The-Fly Image Processing feature to your website.

Devesprit.ImageServer has been designed based on Devesprit.ImageProcessor and intended to provide image processing functionality via URL and Query String.

Devesprit.ImageServer will improve your website's loading speed and performance and cause your website to rank high on Google (SEO). You do not need to change your website's codes to be able to use this system. You can use this system only through a few small changes inside Web.Config file. 
In addition, you can use this system independently on a Windows IIS Server. Also you can work with it on the websites that are not based on ASP.NET (like PHP websites) and/or in any other software (Desktop, Mobile, etc. Software).

Note: To be able to use Devesprit.ImageServer, you must work with .NET Framework 4.5 or its later versions.


How does Devesprit.ImageServer work?

Imagine that you are the owner of an Online Store and use thousands of pictures in your website in order to display a variety of goods and products. You need to optimize all of the images on the website to improve the performance and loading speed of the pages and increase the SEO rank of the website.

You have two solutions here:

  1. To optimize each and every single image manually
  2. To use Devesprit.ImageServer

By choosing the first method, you will waste more time and energy and will encounter so many problems. In the second method, however, you will be able to make any desirable changes to your images using QueryString and display them to the user.

For instance, you are going to display your product's picture 250×250 pixels at one side of the website and display the same picture 500×500 pixels at the other side of the website. To do this, use the following QueryStrings:


After receiving the first request, Devesprit.ImageServer starts to process your image based on the QueryString and send the image to the user. Then, the image will be cached for later similar requests. You can also compress your images or change their formats.
This is only a fraction of incredible features offered by Devesprit.ImageServer!


Features and Functions of Devesprit.ImageServer:


How to install and use Devesprit.ImageServer !