Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer


This processor performs feathering effect on an Image. Feathering blurs the edges of a given area/region on the target Image, blending it into the background. Devesprit.ImageProcessor implements a very flexible and powerful Feathering effect allowing you to define an area/region represented by a shape on which the feather effect takes place. Given that, you can get feathering effects like rectangles, ovals, vertical and horizontal sides, stars of any number of points, polygons of any number of sides and much more. You can specify the feathering radius and area/region for feathering should fit the target element's size or be of a fixed size.

Method Declaration
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public static ImageFactory FeatherEffect(this ImageFactory imageFactory, FeatherSettings settings)


FeatherRadius Set the amount of feathering.
Height Set the height of the feathering shape area/region.
Width Set the width of the feathering shape area/region.
PathPoints Set a string containing pairs of point describing the path for feathering. Use it for performing Path or RoundedPath feathering.
PolygonSides Set the number of sides of the polygon shape used for feathering.
Roundness Set the shape roundness used for feathering.
Shape Set the area/region's shape used for feathering.


Sizing Set the area/region's size type used for feathering. If it is Fit, then the area/region's size will automatically fit to the target Element's size; otherwise, the area/region's size must be specified by Width and Height properties.


StarInnerRadiusPercentage Set the inner radius percentage of the star shape used for feathering.
StarPoints Set the number of points of the star shape used for feathering.



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new ImageFactory().Load(@"My-Image-Path")
 .FeatherEffect(new FeatherSettings()
   Shape = FeatherShape.RoundedStar,
   Roundness = 10,
   FeatherRadius = 50