Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer

Adds support to Devesprit.ImageProcessor for Content Aware Image Resizing.

To be able to use this plugin, you must add Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Plugins.Cair.dll file as a reference to your project in Visual Studio.

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public static ImageFactory ContentAwareResize(this ImageFactory factory, ContentAwareResizeLayer layer)


OutputType The expected output type (Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Plugins.Cair.Imaging.OutputType).
ConvolutionType Gets or sets the content aware resize convolution type (Default ContentAwareResizeConvolutionType.Prewitt).
EnergyFunction Gets or sets the energy function (Default EnergyFunction.Forward).
Size Gets or sets the size (System.Drawing.Size).
WeightPath Gets or sets the file path to a bitmap file that provides weight indicators specified using color to guide preservation of image portions during carving.
The following colors define weight guidance.
  • Green - Protect the weight.
  • Red - Remove the weight.
  • Black - No weight.
Parallelize Gets or sets a value indicating whether to assign multiple threads to the resizing method (Default true).
Timeout Gets or sets the timeout in milliseconds to attempt to resize for (Default 60000).