Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer

This plugin makes it possible for you to work with different types of barcodes. Using this plugin, you can generate various types of D1 and D2 barcodes On-The-Fly and/or overlay your images with barcodes.

This plugin includes two parts:

Barcode Overlay:

BarcodeOverlay is a processor which overlays an image with a barcode. For more detailed information about how to use it, visit here.

To be able to use this processor, you must add Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.dll file as a reference to your project in Visual Studio.

Barcode Generator:

Barcode Generator is a class for generating different types of barcodes that is located in Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.Generatorname space.

To be able to use Barcode Generator, you must add Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.dll file as a reference to your project in Visual Studio. Then, you can start to generate barcode images using GenerateBarcode()  method.

GenerateBarcode Method Declaration
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public static Image GenerateBarcode(string data, BarcodeType barcodeType, BarcodeGeneratorSetting setting)


data The string text data to be encoded.
barcodeType Barcode's symbology (Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.BarcodeType).
setting An object out of Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.BarcodeGeneratorSetting class that contains barcode generating settings.


Resolution Gets or sets the resolution of the BarCode image.
AlwaysShowChecksum Always display checksum digit in the human readable text for Code128 and GS1Code128 barcodes.
BackColor Background color of the barcode image (System.Drawing.Color).
ForeColor Foreground color of the barcode image, that is, Bar's color of 1D barcode, Module's color of 2D barcode (System.Drawing.Color).
CaptionAbove Caption Above the Barcode image.
CaptionBelow Caption Below the Barcode image.
CodeLocation Specify the displaying CodeText Location (Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.CodeLocation).
CodeLocation will be ignored if SymbologyType is UPCE, UPCA, ISBN, EAN8 or EAN13.
CodeTextAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of the code text (System.Drawing.StringAlignment).
StringAlignment.Near means CodeText will be aligned to the left StringAlignment.Far means CodeText will be aligned to the right StringAlignment.Center means CodeText will be aligned to the center.
CodeTextColor Specify the displaying CodeText's Color (System.Drawing.Color).
CodeTextSpace Space between the CodeText and the BarCode.
CodeTextVisible Gets or sets a value indicates whether the code text is visible.
CodeTextFont Specify the displaying CodeText's font (System.Drawing.Font).
CodeTextEncoding Gets or sets the encoding of CodeText (System.Text.Encoding).
BarcodeHeight height In 1D barcode, BarcodeHeight determines BarCode's height.
BorderColor BarCode Image's border's color (System.Drawing.Color).
BorderDashStyle Border style of BarCode Image (Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.BorderDashStyle).
BorderVisible Gets or sets a value indicating whether [border visible].
BorderWidth Border width of the BarCode image.
RotationAngle BarCode image rotation angle, measured in degree, e.g. RotationAngle = 0 or RotationAngle = 360 means no rotation If RotationAngle NOT equal to 90, 180, 270 or 0, it may increase the difficulty for the scanner to read the image, please set ImageAntiAlias to true.
ImageAntiAlias Graphics quality mode, when RotationAngle not equal to 0, 90, 180 or 270, do set quality mode to anti-alias.
BarcodeWidth An increase in BarcodeWidth will increase the whole barcode image width.
GraphicsUnit Measurement of various properties such as Width, Height etc. Default GraphicsUnit: Millimeter See System.Drawing.GraphicsUnit.
Margins Margin area around the core Barcode image (System.Drawing.Printing.Margins).

Example :

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Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.Generator.GenerateBarcode("Devesprit.ImageServer", BarcodeType.QR,
    new BarcodeGeneratorSetting()
        BarcodeWidth = 5


The List of Supported Barcode Symbologies:

  • Codabar
  • Code11
  • Code39Standard
  • Code39Extended
  • Code93Standard
  • Code93Extended
  • Code128
  • EAN8
  • EAN13
  • EAN14
  • SCC14
  • SSCC18
  • UPCA
  • UPCE
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • ISMN
  • Standard2of5
  • Interleaved2of5
  • Matrix2of5
  • ItalianPost25
  • IATA2of5
  • ITF14
  • ITF6
  • MSI
  • VIN
  • DeutschePostIdentcode
  • DeutschePostLeitcode
  • OPC
  • PZN
  • Code16K
  • Pharmacode
  • DataMatrix
  • QR
  • Aztec
  • Pdf417
  • MacroPdf417
  • AustraliaPost
  • Postnet
  • Planet
  • OneCode
  • RM4SCC
  • DatabarOmniDirectional
  • DatabarTruncated
  • DatabarLimited
  • DatabarExpanded
  • SingaporePost
  • SwissPostParcel
  • DatabarExpandedStacked
  • DatabarStacked
  • DatabarStackedOmniDirectional
  • MicroPdf417
  • MaxiCode
  • Code32
  • DataLogic2of5
  • DotCode
  • DutchKIX
  • CodablockF