Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer

This plugin makes it possible for you to work with different types of barcodes. Using this plugin, you can generate various types of D1 and D2 barcodes On-The-Fly and/or overlay your images with barcodes.

This plugin includes two parts:

Barcode Overlay:

BarcodeOverlay is a processor which overlays an image with a barcode. For more detailed information about how to use it, visit here.

To be able to use this processor, you must add this file Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.dll to the Bin folder of your website. Then the section related to this processor (BarcodeOverlayWeb) in Processing.Config file must be uncommented and its enabled feature must be set to true.

Barcode Image Service:

BarcodeImageService is a class out of IImageService interface that enables you to generate different types of barcodes.

To be able to use BarcodeImageService, you must add this file Devesprit.ImageProcessor.Barcode.dll to the Bin folder of your website. Then the related section (BarcodeImageService) in Security.Config file must be uncommented.

Then, you can start to generate barcode images by invoking following URL address:


In the above-mentioned URL address, your-web-site will be your website's domain, barcode-type will be your barcode type (you can find the list of supported barcodes below), and your-query-string will be your barcode content (To see the list of supported QueryStrings, click here).

An Example of BarcodeImageService:



The List of Supported Barcode Symbologies:

  • Codabar
  • Code11
  • Code39Standard
  • Code39Extended
  • Code93Standard
  • Code93Extended
  • Code128
  • EAN8
  • EAN13
  • EAN14
  • SCC14
  • SSCC18
  • UPCA
  • UPCE
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • ISMN
  • Standard2of5
  • Interleaved2of5
  • Matrix2of5
  • ItalianPost25
  • IATA2of5
  • ITF14
  • ITF6
  • MSI
  • VIN
  • DeutschePostIdentcode
  • DeutschePostLeitcode
  • OPC
  • PZN
  • Code16K
  • Pharmacode
  • DataMatrix
  • QR
  • Aztec
  • Pdf417
  • MacroPdf417
  • AustraliaPost
  • Postnet
  • Planet
  • OneCode
  • RM4SCC
  • DatabarOmniDirectional
  • DatabarTruncated
  • DatabarLimited
  • DatabarExpanded
  • SingaporePost
  • SwissPostParcel
  • DatabarExpandedStacked
  • DatabarStacked
  • DatabarStackedOmniDirectional
  • MicroPdf417
  • MaxiCode
  • Code32
  • DataLogic2of5
  • DotCode
  • DutchKIX
  • CodablockF