Devesprit.ImageProcessor & Devesprit.ImageServer

This file contains the Cache settings and specifies where the images will be saved after processing and how long they will be preserved. You can create your own SystemCache implementing IImageCache interface.

Cache.Config File Path:

%Your Website Root Folder%\config\imageprocessor\Cache.Config

The Contents of Cache.Config:

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Set the currently assigned cache implemtaion here. -->
< caching currentCache="DiskCache">
      browserMaxDays separates the time to cache the image in the browser from the time to store
      the image in the cache
      folderDepth (Optional) sets the maximum number folder levels to nest the cached images. Defaults to 6.
      trimCache (Optional) whether to perform a cleanup of the cache when a new file is created. Defaults to true.
    <cache name="DiskCache" type="Devesprit.ImageServer.Caching.DiskCache, Devesprit.ImageServer"
           maxDays="365" browserMaxDays="7" folderDepth="6" trimCache="true">
      <!-- The virtual path to the disk cache location. -->     
        <setting key="VirtualCachePath" value="~/app_data/cache"/>
      <!-- Cache can be hosted outside the application. --> 
      <!-- Both of these are valid for storing cache files outside the web root -->
      <!-- <setting key="VirtualCachePath" value="~/../OUTSIDE"/> -->
      <!-- <setting key="VirtualCachePath" value="X:\Projects\YOUR_WEBSITE\OUTSIDE"/> -->
    <!-- Add other cache implementations here. -->