AssemblyPlatform Enumeration

Specifies which version of the common language runtime (CLR) can run the assembly.

Namespace:  Devesprit.Scripter.Compiler.Options
Assembly:  Devesprit Scripter (in Devesprit Scripter.dll)


public enum AssemblyPlatform
Public Enumeration AssemblyPlatform
public enum class AssemblyPlatform


Member nameDescription
X86 Compiles your assembly to be run by the 32-bit, x86-compatible common language runtime.
X64 Compiles your assembly to be run by the 64-bit common language runtime on a computer that supports the AMD64 or EM64T instruction set.
AnyCPU Compiles your assembly to run on any platform. Your application runs as a 64-bit process whenever possible and falls back to 32-bit when only that mode is available.