FSharpCustomOptions Properties

The FSharpCustomOptions type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property ConsoleColors
Specifies that errors and warnings use color-coded text on the console.
Public property CrossOptimize
Enables or disables cross-module optimizations.
Public property MLCompatibility
Ignores warnings that appear when you use features that are designed for compatibility with other versions of ML.
Public property NoFramework
Disables the default reference to the .NET Framework assembly.
Public property NoInterfaceData
Instructs the compiler to omit the resource it normally adds to an assembly that includes F#-specific metadata.
Public property NoOptimizationData
Instructs the compiler to only include optimization essential for implementing inlined constructs. Inhibits cross-module inlining but improves binary compatibility.
Public property OutputPdbPath
The OutputPdbPath compiler option specifies the name and location of the debug symbols file.
Public property SignatureFilePath
Generates a signature file based on the generated assembly. For more information about signature files, more info : />.
Public property SimplereSolution
Specifies that assembly references should be resolved using directory-based Mono rules rather than MSBuild resolution. The default is to use MSBuild resolution except when running under Mono.
Public property Standalone
Specifies to produce an assembly that contains all of its dependencies so that it runs by itself without the need for additional assemblies, such as the F# library.